Jan 5, 2014

Audiovisual works

This quarter I took a subject called "Audiovisual Production Laboratory" that was about the study of all the processes involved in the creation of audiovisual works. We had to deliver different assignments but there were two I decided to upload in Youtube. Both works were shot using the P2 HD Panasonic Camera AG-HPX171 and we used Final Cut for the post production.

In one of these assignments we had to do an adaptation of an existing movie script, for which we chose to do a scene from 'Inglorious Basterds' by Quentin Tarantino (spanish version). We assigned the different roles between the people in my group and I got to do the lead role actor, Hans Landa. I enjoyed doing my acting role but I don't agree with what the script made me say! I was also involved very much in the postproduction part since I already had experience on this. 

The video was shot only with one camera and this was our first audiovisual project, that is why you can perhaps spot a few match cuts (we did our best to hide them out during the postproduction). Also excuse us for shooting it in spanish, it would have been even harder to memorize all that in english... :|

For the final assignment of the class we had to do a fictional documentary. We only had one month to do it and we were very limited in time since we also had exams and tasks for all the other courses. At the end we came up with the idea of inventing a story around a pig farm that the family of a friend of mine has.

Sorry again because this is in catalan and fewer people will be able to understand it. I will try to do a brief summary of what this is all about: 

The name of the documentary comes from the word 'cyborg' and 'porc', which means pig in catalan. It is about a farmer/entrepeneur, Jordi Mascolom, that had a pig farm which was being affected by the global economic crisis. One day, while reading the news, he saw there was this group that was doing research on the genetics with pigs and he had this brilliant idea that changed his live. He decided to use their research on making his pigs way more intelligent and prevent them from growing, being the perfect animal to have as a pet. 

Then he explains how he restructured his farm to treat the pigs as they deserved and get the best quality. They had a very personalized treatment; they would serve them different meals every day, including shellfish and fruits from the Caribbean. Also they played classical music and gave them massages before putting them to sleep.

However, even after all these changes, the business was not working as expected and he decided to hire a marketing expert, Manel Mealla. This guy told him that the pigs would be very much succesful in the muslim countries because of the fact that they don't eat pigs. In the minute 9:30 you can see the advertisment he did to anounce these pigs in these countries (this was done very seedy in purpose, since this is the way this type of advertisements are normally done).

At the end Jordi Mascolom explains how successful his bussiness has become and now they only sell their pigs to very exclusive clients that can afford them, such as the president of the United States of America, Barack Obama.