Feb 29, 2012

Darwin and the Evolution Posters Contest

Hello again! This is a contest that was organized by the University of Girona during early 2009 about Darwin and the evolution. The idea was to do a din-A1 poster related to the theory of evolution in groups of four and almost four hundred groups of students participated. From all the groups only three had a prize and we were awarded with the second prize! This is what we did:

It's written in Catalan but the idea is that it is Darwin's last manuscript, the day before he died. He explains briefly his life, his memories and how he got the idea of the evolution of the species. The text is written in a sentimental way and tries to tender the reader while imaging his last days of life, saddened by the death of his wife, tired of writing and ready to die, hopeful that his theory takes effect and is never forgotten.