Apr 10, 2012

Blender Course and Demon Sculpt

Hello again! First of all, three weeks ago I got the news that I had been chosen for a free tuiton in a 3D cartoon character modeling course organized by the Digital Rebel studio, in Barcelona. It is a 4 month course that covers the entire process of creating a cartoon character using Blender, including hair, fur, shaders, UV texturing, render, lighting and composition. The classes are on the weekend, 4 hours each day, and this will be my 4th weekend. 

So far, we have been familiarizing with Blender and learned some of the hotkeys that allows us to model in a much more effective way. We have also started to model our character from a concept art made by Luis Arizaga, the teacher of the course; we had some different character drawings to choose from and I decided to start a little fat Viking that I thought could be funny to model (I will soon post the drawing and how my model is going). 

Moreover, this past week I haven't had classes at the university and I've had time to practice with Blender and Zbrush and gain forces to face the next three months; I will be attending morning and noon classes, the 3D course on the weekends and basketball trainings with my team. It will be surely lots of fun! ;)

Here is what I've been doing with Zbrush:

I'm pretty happy with the final result, although I got tired and I didn't take much time to do some of the final touches. For the render I simply used the 'Best Preview Render' option from Zbrush, which does a pretty good job and eases the workflow.

The model is inspired in a model by Scott Spencer, which has a series of videos where he explains the process of modeling a demon; this is the link from the 3D World Magazine http://www.3dworldmag.com/2011/04/04/sculpt-a-demonic-creature-bust-in-zbrush/

I also started to sculpt a skull using the 'Dynamesh' function of Zbrush, but this is not finished yet... (not sure if it will ever be). Here are a couple of photos: