Apr 29, 2012

Blender Viking Progress

Hello! As said in the previous post, I was recently chosen for a free tuiton in a 3D cartoon character modeling course organized by Digital Rebel studio (http://digital-rebel.com/index.html) in Barcelona. It is a 4 month course that covers the entire process of creating a cartoon character using Blender, including hair, fur, shaders, UV texturing, render, lighting and composition. The classes are only during the weekend, 4 hours each day. The other day I had to choose the character I will model throughout the course from a few characters drawn by Luis Arizaga (teacher of the course) and I decided to pick this one:

I would have liked to draw a characther myself but I didn't have time to prepare one. However, this will be a very good practice and I'll surely have more time later to do other stuff!

So far I've been doing just the general form of the character, trying to keep a good topology and mantain the basic shapes of the drawing. Next week we'll learn how to render the hair, so by now I've just made the base mesh for the moustache and the beard. Here some pictures:

There is still a lot of work to do... but if I have time this week I'll try to finish some details. Last post I said I was going to do some retopology using 3Dcoat... but finally I decided to work a bit more and do it on my own using the same Blender, with which I think I've gotten a pretty good result!