Aug 21, 2012

Introducing The Fat Guy

Hey! This week I decided to start a new model and here's a preview of what I am working on. Hope you like it:

Like always... there's still a lot of work to do and I haven't even decided yet the scene, as I am trying to decide whether I put a bunch of money in front of him (dressing him with a shirt and a tie), a burger/cupcake (with a bib in his neck) or a keyboard (as a geek). 

Although the first idea was to make him trying to reach a keyboard I think I'm now closer to the idea of the money. It's kind of appropiate for the times we are living... 

Right now I'm working on the expression of his face and I have used the new QRemesher function to improve its topology. Here you can see briefly the process I've followed:

I've also tried to make him a bit more sad and I kind of like the result:

This Thursday I'm leaving one month alone for an Interrail around eastern Europe and I'll have no chance to work more on this... but as soon as I come back I will continue to "feed the chubby" ;)

PS: If there's someone who reads this and will be on Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Poland or Czech Republic from late August to mid September... don't hesitate to write me, maybe we can meet and share some experiences!