Jul 5, 2012

Blender Viking Progress 2

Hello!! As always... long time since I haven't written anything, but here I am again! Finally I've finished exams and now I have all July and August to do my things :) I have also finished the 3D course of Blender I was doing, but still I have quite a lot of work to do to finish the viking, such as the beard, the pose, the textures and maybe create a scene for him.

I spend many hours modeling the scales of his armor, and I will spend much more for posing them without distorting so much what I did. Here's a picture of the scales so you can understand how difficult will be to move his arms and keep the structure, as the scales are separated from each other:

I've done a separate rig for the armor but it doesn't move like a unique piece; all the scales get mixed together and are distorted. However, I know this could be done correctly by letting the scales be elastic and connect them all together (not separate pieces as they are now), but it would take much more time and since I don't have to animate the character, this is okay for now!

Here's a quick render of how I have the model:

As you can see, there's still a lot of work to do!! I will try to post soon with more advances.